PayPal: the best payment facilitator

With increasing volumes of transactions being carried out through electronic means, right from credit cards to cash withdrawals from the ATMs, the commerce industry has expanded with enhancements in Information Technology. PayPal has been a major contributor in making online shopping easier. The concept for maintaining amounts in online accounts has facilitated shopping through the electronic means and amount withdrawals in various currencies have given a different dimension to it. The currencies at times appear as a hindrance which too is smoothened out by the PayPal currency support. As per the data collected in 2016 PayPal has employee strength of about eighteen thousand people worldwide. PayPal customer services team is dedicated and is fast to resolve any queries regarding online transactions.

Growth of trade

In its yester years the trade used to be crude, in the sense that materials and goods would be exchanged in a system known as the Barter system. Let say you have ten sheep to be sold, you would go to the market and let others know of the thing you want to sell (here, sheep) most probably by yelling out and a person from a different part if interested in your sheep is ready to offer grains in return, says you want ten buckets grains, why not measure it in kilograms? (By the way, the weight concept was standardised in later stages of trade) he might be willing to offer say 6 buckets, but you require ten. There will be bargaining and if he agrees you will hand over the sheep in exchange of grains. Well the fault with the system is that no one will be able to fix a certain value. The value factor in such a system is highly dependent upon the demand.

Demand and supply forces

The price of commodities today too is driven by two major factors called as the demand and Supply. When demand is a term used to indicate the need of a commodity, supply refers to the availability. Availability is a factor that can affect prices in the sense, if the demand is constant and availability more, the prices will fall, this can also lead to a concept called hoarding. If the demand is more and supplies less, then it is natural for the price to climb higher. All the trade, may it be online shopping to the exchange of stocks in the share market are all driven by these two core factors of supply and demand.


Through electronic means things happen faster. If you were to sell a product online you will definitely need the money part is handled gracefully so that the customers are not put into trouble and they would visit you again. This can be achieved in a few ways, offer cash on delivery, pay via post or some sort of a similar means. And PayPal is a service that facilitates online money transfer. Money matters tend to cause confusion especially when it comes to the electronic means. In such cases PayPal helpline numbers 1-888-221-1161 and 1-866-528-3733 helps customers get their grievances addressed and hence, establishing good trust in the system.